Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for females . It is also a great joy for a father-to-be. As a lady, your body starts changing few weeks after taking in. These changes are usually noticeable. If you see any of these signs, ou may be wondering wether you are pregnant or not. Relax! Here are ten (10) signs to know if you are pregnant or not:

1. CHANGES IN THE BREAST AND NIPPLE AREAS: You may start noticing a tingling sensation in your breast and nipples. Also, you may notice how tender your breasts feels. At times, swollen breasts may be noticed.

2. CHANGES IN THE VAGINA AREA: You will notice a change in the colour of the vagina. The vulva and the vagina are usually pink in colour , but during few weeks of conception, the colour changes to dark purplish red.

3. MORNING SICKNESS: You may start experiencing body weakness (Tiredness) during the day and get dizzy so easiliy. In most cases, you may vomit often and experience a continuous spitting during the first trimester of the conception.

4. NEEDING TO WEE OFTEN: During this period, you will experience constant urinating. Assuming you normally urinate twice a day, it may advance to eight to ten times daily (more or less).

5. SMELLING SENSITIVITY: During pregnancy, you tend to get irritated by smells that do not affect you NORMALLY. SOMETIMES, these smells may be aromas of food which you actually like eating. During this time, you find its aroma irritating.

6. MISSING PERIOD: This is a very obvious sign of PREGNANCY, Although, missing period may not actually mean you are pregnant in some cases.

7. HUNGER ISSUES: During this period, you may observe that you eat more and get hungry quickly. This is due to the body adapting to the new system and trying to grow the foetus.

8. EASY MOOD SWINGS: In some cases, ladies known to be cool and quiet become so temperamental. This is due to emotional mood swings during pregnancy.

9. METALLIC TASTE IN THE MOUTH: You may get this metallic taste in your mouth during pregnancy. It is natural ; it is a major sign you are pregnant.

10. UNUSUAL DREAMS: You may start having dreams more often and they may be scarey, but this is also normal during pregnancy. However, it is not every pregnant woman who experiences this.
If you are still doubting wether you are pregnant or not, you can do a “HOME PREGNANCY TEST” with the use of a pregnancy test tool called ACCURATE. This tool tests for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in urine

In Western Nigeria, this tool is usually sold for N50 . It works perfectly well when it is tested with an early morning urine. According to scientists and researchers, early morning urine contains more of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (in pregnant women). This tool will be placed in the urine for about ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes before going back to check. If you get a single strip on the device, it means the test result is negative (i.e not pregnant), but if it shows two (2) strips, then the result means positive (i.e pregnant). This pregnancy tool cannot be reused. However, it is advised to do a re-test, two weeks after the first test.


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