19 Things Only People Who Over Think Would Understand

Girl thinking in the classroom.

Overthinking is a common habit. Those of us who know the feeling of thinking about one thing again and again and again, will find themselves in this article.

1. They’re slightly obsessive in a “get things done” kind of way.

This means that they are more obsessed, than needy of perfection. They’re obsessed in a good way. They accomplish things, get things done.

2. They are the opposite of simple-minded.

They’re not complicated, they’re complex. They, thoughtfully, make the most out of anything and everything. If you ask them to make an egg and cheese omelet, they’ll find a way to make it the best omelet you’ve ever had.  Creativity is born of finding new ways of thinking.

3. They have high expectations.

They’re hard on themselves because they always want to put their best foot forward. They expect a lot of others also because they give so much of themselves.  Overthinking leads to higher standards and higher expectations.

4.They know how to Carpe Diem.

They “seize the day” like no other. Overthinkers are ambitious and driven. They make the most out of every moment, analyzing it all, not leaving anything to chance, regret or indifference. They, thoughtfully, make each moment matter.

5. They’re great conversationalists.

Everything they’ve ever attempted, they’ve thought through. This means that they researched every possible way to do something then settled on the best approach. They usually have tidbits of information on almost everything. These guys have thought of everything!

6. They are patient.

They have the stamina to consider all options before committing to a decision. As long as they can feed their need to overthink, they are willing to take the time to do more, give more, over-extend themselves, all for the sake of analyzing the situation completely. Overthinkers are less likely to make quick, irrational decisions.

7. They’re multi-taskers.

They cover all the bases, they would do the work of four people to make sure something is done correctly. They tend to do a little more than what is expected of them and are happy to do so. They don’t even realize how much extra effort they exert.

8. They are multi-passionate.

Overthinkers are open to trying new things, eating new foods, attempting new approaches. They’re open to change. They leave no stone un-turned. To overthink, is to get tired of one way of thinking and to continue to think of the same thing with a new angle. Overthinking breeds change which then breeds creativity and innovation.  

9. They are self-aware and socially-aware.

They follow etiquette rules and have couth.  They rarely put their foot in their mouth because they understand the basic rules of social engagement. If they don’t know the rules, they find them. They are too afraid to act incorrectly that they avoid it by thinking of all scenarios and being prepared in all situations.

10. They have no regrets.

They put all they have into everything so that they don’t ever have to wish they had tried harder, said something smarter, gave more, or done better. They’ve thought out all outcomes. They are prepared for all situations. They’ve over thought, thus seeking new knowledge to make better decisions.

11. They are well liked.

Overthinking people care so much about others, that they consider your feelings and never make you feel left out. They go out of their way to connect people and make others feel uncomfortable even when it’s uncalled for. They are the unintentional kindness ambassador because they are worried about everyone’s well being.

12. They excel at almost everything they do.

They put so much thought into everything they do that it’s inevitable that they would keep at something. This makes them ambitious people. Overthinking leads to overdoing in many other aspects of life. Over-exert. Over-impress. Over-achieve.

13. They’re positive.

Since overthinkers just never quit thinking, they tend to live in their own little world thinking that anything is possible. If you can thinketh, you can solveth. If you can thinketh, you can overcometh. In a blind ambitious way, their process of overthinking is just a defense mechanism to quitting. Where there is a will, there is a way!

14. They are the glue that keeps it all together.

Overthinkers are people who can’t sit behind the scenes. Overthinking people are not simpletons, they’re involved and they are engaged. Leave it to an overthinker to be the organizer that puts all the pieces together no matter what the situation.

15. They live by making lists.

Therefore, they’re more organized. In order to keep up with all their ideas, they have to put it on paper.

16. They are hostesses with the mostesses.

They throw the best parties. They take their time to thinking of everything, using creativity, novelty, innovation, originality.  There isn’t anything they haven’t thought of when it comes to etiquette and entertaining.

17. Their brains can handle a lot of information.

They’re driven a little further than others who would not have the stamina to think of so many things. They can handle higher highs and lower lows than most.

18. They are obsessive Like a Champion.

Thinking in overload is the x factor. It’s that obsessive trait that drives successful athletes towards massive achievement. In a documentary of the Williams sisters, two extraordinary tennis stars, one of the sisters commented, “I think perfectionist people are nuts. I think obsessive people are A-OK.”

19. They give the greatest gifts.

Overthinkers are show offs.  Or that’s what it seems to the average person who just doesn’t take the time to think that hard about a gift.  An overthinker’s gift is so over the top perfect.  Everything about it is thoughtful, it’s customized and personalized taking into account the occasion, the person receiving it and their relationship to it.



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