Education has lost its value in Nigeria due to the rate of unemployment in the country. Education in this context is the act or process of imparting knowledge, especially at school. The school may be college, college of education, monotechnic, polytechnic or university. Many Nigerians now see education as a waste of time because of many jobless graduates in the country. Though it has paved ways for some people into higher places.


There are five (5) major kinds of people who place emphasis on education does not guarantee success. This is based on their life experience with/without education. Check them out below.


1. People who are yet to gain admission into higher institution or couldn’t afford higher education.

Nigerians have many ways to console themselves when they are unable to achieve something. I’ve noticed that some people who lay much emphasis on “education does not guarantee success” are people who are unable to gain admission into higher institution or they couldn’t afford it. Therefore, they use the statement to console themselves.


2. People who have failed some courses in their programme.

Some Nigerian students are fond of using the statement when they failed. This is to give themselves hope that they can still make it in life – even if they flunked out. Some also use it when they are unable to comprehend some courses in their programmes. It’s a common statement in their mouth.


3. People who have low or poor grade.

It’s the best statement to console this kind of people. Sometimes their course mates use it to console them and they also use it to console themselves. This kind of people have the mind that their certificate may be useless when they graduate because of their grade. Some graduates with low or poor grade are not left out.


4. People with poor background so they are unsure of their fate when they graduate.

Unemployment is a fear of many undergraduates in Nigeria, especially those ‘without tail’ (no connection). This is because the white-collar jobs available are very low compared to number of graduates in Nigeria. Many companies would ask for five years experience from some people who just graduated when they are children of nobody (not influential). There are slots already for the children of well-connected people.


5. People who are fortunate to earn money – even with/no school certificate (O’Level).

This kind of people sometimes discourage people to go for higher education because of their success. Some of them use their success as yardstick of success without higher education. They won’t mention people who are successful as a result of education. Most of these people believe that schooling is a waste of time. They encourage people that they don’t need to go school before they can make it in life.

There are many other kinds of people who put much emphasis on education does not guarantee success. Truly education does not guarantee success but it’s a way to success. Some public office holders are elected/appointed because of education. There are many other opportunities that your certificate can bring for you. Although there are many ways to success, no one knows his own way to success. If you have an opportunity to go school, please go.


However, you must not think about your certificate alone but also work on your output. That is, what you can offer. Don’t depend on your certificate alone but also find other things you do. You can apply your education to anything you’re doing to package it. Most people who follow just a path sometimes spend most of their years in poverty. Education shouldn’t stop you from doing any other legal thing that can fetch you money. Nonetheless, nothing must stop you to acquire higher education if you can afford it. Education is good.


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