5 Secrets Of Examination Success Without Expo

Examination in this context is the written exercises, oral questions or practical tasks, set to test a candidate’s knowledge and skill. It’s what every student must do in order to progress in their academics. Examination also serve as a measure for students who deserve to graduate at all levels of education. This is why students always find every possible way to pass their examinations.

The quest for examination success by all means is what brought ‘examination expo’ which is now common in Nigeria. Examination expo is the act of exposing answers before the examination is done. It has been in existence for a very longtime but it became popular among students with the aid of internet in 2008.

Most students of this generation are lazy to prepare for examination. This is why they rely on examination expo in order to pass their examaminations, whereas they can perform better if they prepare for the examination. The most annoying thing about examination expo in Nigeria is that many parents and teachers are in support of it. In fact, some parents will tell their children not to read since there is option of expo.

Many students always find it difficult to read and assimilate because of their approach to reading. Below are some things you can do in order to read and pass any examination without expo.


1. Dispel the myths associated with examinations
Most students were encouraged to go for examination expo by their seniors. They’re scared into it with their false ideas about such examinations. These seniors always make it look impossible for their junior to pass any exam without expo, whereas it’s because they are lazy. You need to remove all these false ideas from your mind before you start reading for your examination. This will make your mind free and you’ll be able to concentrate.

2. Change your bad attitude towards reading
There is one common bad attitude for most students which is reading only in the exam period. A good student should start reading for examination as early as possible. It will be easier for such student to assimilate because there is no need to rush. Create time to read your books before the exam period. You’ll only need to revise what you’ve read during exam period and you’ll easily remember them in the examination hall.

3. Improve your study and revision technique
Reading for examination is different from normal reading. Someone who want to read for exam won’t read his books like newspaper. There should be time for meditation after each session of reading. Create time to read and time for revision on what you’ve read. Don’t just read and wait for exam period before you’ll start revision. It’s also necessary to know your reading ability. Don’t force yourself to read beyond your capacity. Make good use of your reading time even if it’s just 2 or 3 hours in a day. Go out to play when you’re tired and come back to reading

4. Eliminate the irrational fears
You have to remove all fears that can affect your ability to think properly. Most students do fail their exams despite their preparation because of examphobia. The fear that the exam is difficult to pass is what caused their failure. This is because phobia for exam can make you forget everything you’ve read in the examination hall. You need to have the mind that you can pass the examination irrespective of what you’ve heard about it. Read for the exam and go to the hall with confidence.

5. Improve your examination technique
You have to improve your examination techniques which include timing and the way you answer questions. It’s necessary for you to understand any question before you attempt it. Don’t rush to answer a question because of your confidence that you’ve read. Work on how to manage time in the examination hall. This is because most examiners always give time that may not be enough for you. Always answer the questions that you know very well before you move to other questions but make sure you do proper numbering of your answers. Give illustrations and examples to support your answers but avoid verbose answers. Always mind your grammar because most examiners don’t joke with mechanical accuracy of answers. Verify your answers, submit your answer booklet and leave the examination premises.

Above all, pray for the success in that exam. These secrets are what you need to pass any examination without expo. They worked for me and my friends. Many people don’t know our secrets then but I decided to share them in order to inspire people who think they can’t pass without expo. Don’t be a certified illiteratewho can’t defend his certificate. Thanks for reading.

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