Sometime ago, a brother told me that “if you’re not born with a silver-spoon, you’ll learn to carve one for yourself”. Ever since, I’ve been striving to make sure that I attain this dream. I’d make sure that whatsoever task I’m been given or I’m doing must be straightforward and well done. Since then, I’ve tried my possible best to make a difference and it’s working fine for me and I know that one day the dream will be fully achieved because it’s not really cool when you see the rich kids do things you’ve never dreamt of doing or going places you’ve never thought of going. This inspiration made me write a piece about carving a silver-spoon for yourself.

“Silver-spoon” is an English expression (adjective) that is synonymous with wealth, which specially deals with inherited wealth; that is, someone born into a wealthy family is said to have “been born with a silver spoon in his mouth”. Silver-spoon is just the difference between the rich and the poor.

Being rich is one of the things everyone wants to possess, no one wants to be poor. Today, so many people think success comes by luck, yes, it’s true, it comes by luck but it takes hardwork and dedication to make it.

Sometimes it pains when you see your mates living a more comfortable life while you’re not. It’s also painful when you see the rich do expensive things you’ve never dreamt of doing in your life. Though it pains, but the good thing there is that you actually learnt something, which is success and note now that the key to it is ‘little’ hardwork. I can imagine that moment that you’d be thinking of doing something that will also make a change in your life.

People that are given birth to with “silver-spoons” inherited their wealth from their parents due to the fact that their parents struggled so as to make a difference in their family and to make their unborn children proud. This is the reason why you should create a platform to make a difference in yourself and children unborn also.

This modern life you see, education is actually the key. You can’t be rich overnight without having the commonsense of creating a platform of riches. Stop that childish thoughts/talks of you saying people that are rich and famous didn’t go to school e.g, “that guy is the richest in Africa, he didn’t go to school”, “that lady is the wealthiest among them but she didn’t even go to school”. Going to school is actually important because you need some knowledge about life and where to start from and also that certificate. I’m not saying you should go to school with the mindset of working in a top company, but go to school with the mindset of building a platform that will take care of your needs so that even when there is no job opportunity, you can still be living a happy and meaningful life.

It’s not about going to school also that determines your success in life though, you just need to have a “good brain” that thinks fast and far, a restless body that is ready to work and finish tasks. This is the reason why that person you referred to as someone who didn’t go to school that is rich has and this is the key. These are the things you need and if they’re in place, then you’re a step away from carving that silver-spoon for yourself.

If you really want to make a difference in your life and family, start building that commonsense of greatness. Strive to make sure that your goals are achieved so that your children tomorrow will taste that spoon in their mouth.My Life, My World and My Future is in my hands and so is yours; working hard today places your family tomorrow at the top. Don’t relent but don’t do scams!
Do it, Make it!



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