When Your Boyfriend Refuses To Marry You ‘Cus You Are Not A Graduate

This actually happened to a girl I know. The guy she was dating and hoping to marry, later dumped her to marry another girl, simply cos she wasn’t a graduate then.

She was really devastated and made her mind to get a degree by all means…which she eventually did…She later went to college to study nursing science and presently doing well in her profession.

Don’t know why a lot of ‘conditions’ are now attached to getting married. Most especially from ladies. Some girls wont agree to marry a guy if he’s not a graduate or works either in a bank or oil company.

Many prefer to wait till they eventually meet someone that has all the qualities or ‘qualifications’ they desire before getting married.

Before, such attitude was only common with single ladies, but nowadays guys are now doing it. There are lots of guys that wont marry any girl that’s not yet a graduate.

They see that as a compulsory ‘qualification’ every girl must have before marrying her. But why is it like that these days…does having a degree or being a graduate makes a woman a good wife?

We really need to do away with such a mentality. Going to school and acquiring a degree is important and necessary in our society presently. But using that as a criteria to choose a partner is not right.

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