What Creative People Do To Get Ideas

As an artistic, some questions may be running through your mind, especially when you see something creative. These questions may include: “What did creative people do that enables them to come up with great and groundbreaking ideas?” “Where those ideas came from?” and “How could someone come up with such ideas?

There is a number of habits that you can cultivate to help spurs your creative thoughts. Try to develop these habits in order to get your own creativity flowing at a high level and to keep the ideas coming. Soon you’ll be impressing others with your awesome ideas!

Below are some of the habits that can help in developing your creativity.

Have Discipline and Routine

Sometimes people think that being creativemeans you can just sit around waiting for inspiration and then create. Many people think of creativity as a freedom from rules, when in truth, the opposite is true. A rigid routine will ensure that you make time for creativity. If you wait around for inspiration, you may find yourself waiting a long time.


Let your mind wander. Once you’ve got an idea or a plan, tackle it with focus. While you’re waiting for that idea to come, let your mind wander around and poke and prod at different thoughts and ideas. Daydreaming has also been called “the incubation period”. Letting your mind wander will often leave you open to new avenues of thinking.

Silence the Inner Critic

One of the things that stands in the way of a lot of creative thought is a person’s inner critic. Many ideas falter before they get a foothold because you think they aren’t good enough and could never work. Your inner critic usually kills an idea long before it has a chance to get out into the world. Silence this critic. Let your ideas out, no matter how crazy or outlandish they may seem. 

Feed Your Creative Mind

Ideas and creativity rarely come from nowhere. Ideas often sprout from other ideas. To feed your creativity you need to be curious and investigative. Research the details of the problem you are trying to solve. Read about what others have done in similar situations and see what you can take from those successes. 

Keep Ideas for Later

No doubt you’ve suffered from this before: you have an interesting idea but nowhere to write it down, a little later in the day you need that idea but it’s gone. Or maybe you have an idea that doesn’t quite work for one project, so you let it be. Only to come to something else a little while later where that idea, the one you just completely forgot about, would really work out. No matter the idea, write it down. Evernote is an awesome app for keeping all your ideas written down and organized. 

By giving yourself time to daydream, and making sure you don’t kill any of your ideas before they have a change to grow, you’ll see your own creativity take off. Keep these habits up and you’ll find that new and creative ideas come easier and easier.



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