Decision Making

A man/woman who fails to make quick and accurate decisions will find himself/herself tossed about by any wind of life. Indecision (which is synonymous to procrastination) is a thorn in the flesh of many people and many do not know about this vice because it is so hidden in the subconscious of such persons. Indecision will always ruin a person without the person knowing so. So many people who go through life without making any impact fail to achieve all those beautiful ideas they conceive in their deepest thoughts because they are indecisive. So it is obvious that we look into this and find ways to help everyone who is going through life with this hidden ‘Goliath’ roaring at them. We shall be looking for the proverbial stone by which we shall slay this giant.

Decision-making is the stone we are talking about here. So how do we become decisive?

1. HAVE A DEFINITE GOAL: You cannot be decisive when you have no goal in life. You should therefore set a goal that you would like to accomplish in life. You shouldn’t say you want to be rich, for instance. Everyone wants to be rich and do good things with money but not everyone is rich. Rather you should state what you actually want. For instance, ‘I want to be a rich medical pharmacist’.

2. BE POSITIVE: You can only reach the coveted definite goal if you are positive. A negative mind-set will never get you to the desired goal. A positive mind-set according to a philosopher “is a favorable abound for the state of mind known as Faith”.

3. HAVE FAITH: Faith is the grease that you would need to make the journey from the here to there smooth. And to have Faith is one of the simplest things to do. Many lack Faith because they have programmed their minds to envision failure by speaking of failure. So to have Faith involves speaking of success every day of our waking lives. Speak what you want instead of speaking what you don’t want.

4. FORM AN ALLIANCE: Nobody climbs up the ladder of success without the aid of others. Every turning point of an individual is usually at the point where he/she meets someone who can be of immense aid to his/her rise. It could be ones spouse or ones associates or even a one-time acquaintance. Form an alliance with some group of persons who would be in complete sympathy and harmony with your definite goal. It is a well known fact that an individual that is decisive will have the cooperation of those around him in the rise from obscurity to prominence.

5. LEARN TO BE QUIET: It is a fact that those who talk too much do little else but talk. Doing is an important part of making decisions. You should, therefore, learn to keep quiet and learn to open your eyes and ears. By so doing you will quickly discover opportunities.

6. START FROM WHERE YOU ARE: Some people think that it is at a certain point in time in their lives that they would begin doing what they out to do. That is but a way to say “the time is not yet ripe”. Don’t wait for the right time. There is never a right time. START NOW.

Decision-making is a vital tool for every business owner, family maker and student to rise up the ladder of any callings. It can save you from a lot of unwanted stress. Do your best to prove to the world that you were made for and of greatness.

As my brothers and sisters in Islam start their fast, I would, at this point, wish you all a great fasting period. May Almighty Allah grant the faithful a blessed Ramadan.


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