If nothing could count from cradle to adulthood, it should be the way a child is formed in character and learning. I stood wandering how life could continue to exist and found no salient answer but all embracing and genuine education. The world is derailing from its values and collective goals, because of the quest for self-centred drive and vitiating lust that subverts human race. Man has over the years engaged himself in persisting riddles and self-discovery. The world is at large toing the path of degrading ride of self-destruction in an engaging ecstasy of revolving rush. If education cannot give us light in this recurring circumstance, its absence spells doom and gloom.


Most households in Africa are bedevilled with an economic plague that limits the possibility and access to qualitative education. An average African child grapples with increasing difficulties that linger around his survival. With these present phenomena, a child’s needs are bred in taming fibre of vicissitudes of his parents. In a similar dimension, the people at the peak of the social class inadvertently become a common prey to those who live in absolute penury. The society is, however, welded in a quagmire and chains of crimes that result from lack of education, peer influence and disintegrating value system.


The streaming sight created by political imbalance and trite and ineffective policies pervades the social landscape. This ugly challenge permeates through every layer of the child’s endeavours. From home to streets, the African child is left to his fate. Like a melodrama, the race for survival persists as he releases himself to the fray of exponential escapades. No food, no clothes, no befitting shelter, the child keeps his hands in dirty earnings day after day.


Looking through the demographic prism, the unit of a nation is a family. The loss of proper education, moral standards and self-discipline in our homes is brooding a nest of banes for our collective existence. We chase shadows like barking dogs losing the fight and progress we can attain if our children are given a right education. A holistic education is the bedrock of social development. It gives a man a sense of dignity and pride which can only be lost through whims and caprices. It shapes and sharpens a child’s skills and talents. True education gives a child the tools he needs to turn his life to an enduring empire of success.


It is time the government and parents embraced and fought for education of our children. A child who is not given a proper education will sell the treasures bestowed on him. The government should begin to overhaul the educational system and train teachers who are equipped and well tooled up to harness their energy towards returning ‘light’ to our consciousness. Our media houses should not be carried away with trends and visual fuss, but dispense quality programming and enlightening information that can drive citizens to believe in themselves and pursue dignifying ventures. Right education is the key that can open doors of true development. It is not absence of it. Education is the lasting legacy!

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