We did establish some facts in the first part of this topic where we learnt the first two skills that are expedient to living a wealthy life. These two skills are Marketing and Accounting skills and I trust you are already working towards getting those skills. Let me tell you a simple fact; the difference between the poor and the rich is the ATTITUDE OF THE MIND.

Today, we are gonna explore the remaining two skills needed. The third skill is INVESTMENT skills. Creating investment portfolios at a very early stage of one’s life is a critical measure to determining how far one wants to go in life. Basically there are two types of income; The EARNED and the UNEARNED income. The earned income is the money you get by engaging in your occupation or vocation. There’s a limit to which it can sustain you. The unearned income, also called the passive income, is the one you get even without working. The irony about these two type of income is that the one you depend on determine how rich or poor you want to be. Unarguably, most people depend on the earned income, it is their ‘hard-earned’ money anyway. This type of money creates the ‘employees mentality’. Now the idea is this, you can determine how rich one is simply by the number of days he can survive after he’s been fired from his job. Thus, if you get fired today and you are able to sustain yourself economically for 6 months, it shows that you are gonna stay rich for 6 months, after which you’re poor for the rest of your life.


With these in view, it appears the best way to become rich is to have a multiple streams of income. In other words, you are not just depending on an income as the only source of livelihood. The reason being that every employer knows that for every hirability skill you have, you also have an inherent firability capacity. It means employers only hire those that they can fire. And if they hire you, don’t get too happy because they can fire you. One of the ways you could invest or even trade on the floors of the stock exchange market is the one offered by Afrinvest. You can now invest money, as little as #100 to buy shares on the exchange market. These are little things that skyrocket people to enviable levels in life.


The last skill you need to develop is your LEGAL skills. Ignorant is no excuse before the law. If you would ever succeed in business or anything you really want to do, you need to have a deep understanding of the legal framework of the business you are operating. The reason being that government would always capitalise on people’s ignorance. And you don’t have to attend a law school to have these legal skills. They are just little legal knowledge that could save you a whole lot. For example as a new business owner in Nigeria, you have a right of election under the Nigerian tax system. However, some one ignorant of this right would pay more in tax liabilities simply because of ignorant attitudes towards the law.


The summary of this article is that he who refuses to swim in the ocean of knowledge would die of thirst in the desert of ignorance. The more you know, the more your capacity to become rich.

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