Today, so many Nigerians live in abject poverty; a life of anguish and distress. This is common because most individuals haven’t discovered their talents. To me, talent is a natural ability/skill, it is something that an individual knows how to do best and if consistency is added to it, such person can use it to make a living.

Everybody has his/her talent but the problem is how to discover it, but I think it shouldn’t be a problem for you reading this. Skill is something you acquire and learning how to do things is one of the ways of discovering your talent. If you’re an average Nigerian, you must be ready to learn for you to be successful. Those rich people you’re hearing of today didn’t make easily as you’re thinking, they passed through struggles like you before discovering what they can do best; even those politicians, that’s what they’re good at. I’m not talking about going to school before you can be acquainted, there are many skill acquisition centres where you can learn something and be perfected in it. It’s your interest and how fast/good you are doing that gives you the impression of you discovering your talent.
Now, let’s take it that you’ve successfully discovered a skill following the above explanation. It’s time you start monetizing the skill so you can use it to sustain life. Nigeria is a country that almost all the youths of nowadays are looking for quick money without much struggles, that’s why some invest their little pocket money on sport bets and other corrupt engagements but it’s not suppose to be so. Any man who desires to live a life that his generation will be proud of tomorrow will take his time to work for it despite the struggles involved. I believe that’s what The Dangotes and others are enjoying today!
Youths should stop putting blames on Government and start doing something meaningful. The Government didn’t tell you to be outrageous, neither did they tell you to be involved in corrupt practices. If as a youth you can spot out the difference between good and bad, life will be fair for you soon. There are so many ways to sell your talent to people. When you’ve discovered it, think of how you can earn a living with it.
There are hundreds of theories on how we can end hunger and activists debate many of them. Some have been effective and others haven’t. One thing is certain, and that is we must do something – and this is what I think should be done. I believe hunger can fought and changes will be made annually in the economy of Nigeria and in our lives as youths.

Don’t go stealing, don’t defraud people and you don’t have to trick people just to get your daily bread. Just believe in your creativity and strive to make it work for people to utilize. My advice for you is that you forget about Nigeria’s dwindling economy and think like someone who has goals to achieve. Every individual has potentials to excel, you just need to discover them. Nigeria’s economy shouldn’t stop you as a Nigerian youth. Think of something creative, work on it, and succeed!

As a patriotic Nigerian youth, I think Hunger can be Defeated if this is done!

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