Is There a God?

Does the big man in the sky really exist?


Is Christianity truly a primitive superstition?


Or is it just a myth told to scare children?


Is it just a myth of the benevolent all powerful supernatural being?


Has God somehow died or has he ever even existed in the first place?

Some people say that God was a useful fairy tale in ages gone by, that his fiery anger was used to explain the way plagues and crop failures, and diseases and disasters which are now ascribed as bacterial and infections.

Atheist’s say that no one can prove the existence of God, and they are right but no one has disproved the existence of God either.


Most Cosmologists now agree the world began some 13.7 million years ago in an event known as the “Big Bang”. So let’s look at an American theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize winner Steven Weinberg’s description of what the Big Bang would have looked like, and since he is an atheist, we can be sure there isn’t any believer bias in his description.


“In the beginning there was an explosion and in three minutes, 98% of the matter there is or ever will be was produced.” We had a Universe.

For 25,000 years, most scientists agree with Aristotle on the idea of a steady state universe (i.e. that the universe has always existed with no beginning and no end but the bible disagrees). In the 1920’s Belgian astronomer Georges Lemaître (a theist) said that the entire universe jumping into existence in a trillionth of a trillionth of a second out of nothingness in an unimaginably intense flash of light is how he would expect the universe to respond if God were to actually utter the command in (Genesis 1:3) “Let there be light”. In other words the origin of the universe unfolded exactly how one would expect after reading Genesis and for 25,000 years the bible had it right and science had it wrong. All of which points to a God that created it.

In the real world, we never see things jumping into existence out of nothing but atheists want to make one small exception to this rule. Both the theists and atheists are burdened with answering the same question of how the universe started. If you don’t believe in God, it will be hard to find an alternative explanation for how things came to be.


Stephen Hawking once said “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.” But professor John Lennox who teaches mathematics and Philosophy has demonstrated that there are not one, even two but three areas of logic contained in that one simple sentence and it all boils down to circular reasoning.

Hawking is basically saying that the universe exists because the universe needed to exist, and because the universe needed to exist, it therefore created itself. Hawking didn’t prove anything, all he did is restate his original claim and then offers that as an explanation as to how and why the universe was created; prompting Lennox to further comment that “Nonsense remains nonsense, even when spoken by famous scientists.”

Note: Some of the arguments contained in this article are transcripts from a movie: “God’s Not Dead”.


Stay Glued For Part 2…


Written By Idoko Benson

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