Lets Play!! What’s The Funniest Thing You Thought Was True As A Child?

Every Nigerian children childhood was very lovely and interesting.. but some things we grew up believing can be very very funny.

It’s either the lies we heard from friends, families or random story books. They all made us believe those things were true but when we grew up, we learnt they were just blatant lies ?

Share/Tell us the Funniest things you thought was true but when you grew up, you find out it was a lie.

Feel free to tell us by dropping your comments.

This post is gonna be Fun ?

For me (Mankind) – Here are the 2 Things I grow up believing were true.

✅ Whistling At Night Calls Snakes

✅ India beats Nigeria 99 – 1 ? Okparaji scored the 1 goal after the turned to Lion and he died after scoring the Goal and Nigeria won. Imagine! How can a team beat another team 99 and then the other team with 1 goal won? ?

Tell us yours – Drop your comments.

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