Life is Simple: Get out of your own prison

 The problem with life, is that we think it‘s hard. We overthink everything, we have to know the outcome of every decision we make. We have to know how things will work out even before we start. The truth is that life is extremely simple, when dealing with it the right way. The following three principles are key to following your own path and embrace life:
Listen to yourself.
Stop resisting.
Trust the journey.

We have so much potential to design the life we deserve. So much potential when we spread our wings. So why are we so mediocre?

1. Conditioning

We obviously have a lot to unlearn. To start creating the life we deserve, we need to get rid of what is narrowing our vision and what is distracting from seeing our real life opportunities. Detach from our past, try to see everything with new eyes.

Make the past your toolbox, not your evil master
Live in the present, look at everything like it’s the first time you see them. Use your critical thinking to make the decisions that will allow you to release your power. You will start making crystal clear decisions and doing the right thing without even noticing. Stop thinking about how things should be done, and start feeling them.

2 . Fear
There is fear hidden behind every decision we make. Learn to identify it.
ll of the above. Without self awareness, your ego and your fears will drive your actions. 
Without enough self awareness unconscious choices become the norm. Unconscious choices lead to an unchosen life.

Know who you are, know what you like, experience new things. Learn about yourself, grow, read, explore, interact, love, fail, fail a lot, hurt yourself and try again. It is en endless path, stop focusing on the finish line, the finish line is the journey.

6 . Conformism
We are all unique, but society evaluates us with the same standards.
The only way to live is to follow your own path
By embracing your uniqueness you take back your power.

Nobody knows what’s going on, but everybody is copying each other to avoid being judged or different. As a result, the level of mediocrity is off the charts.

Everybody is lost, blinding themselves and acting like they know where they are going. When you’re aware of being lost, you can make the best out of it. You can look around, enjoy the journey.

Being lost is the way. Being lost is life. And it’s really enjoyable when you stop resisting to it. Embrace uncertainty.

There is no such thing as the future or a finish line. When you embrace the journey, nothing is hard anymore. Stop resisting, embrace life and everything will become easy. Spread your wings and deploy your full potential. You always had this power within yourself, we all have it. More awareness in your life is the key to unlock it.

Remember: Life has a hundred times more to give than your mind can even conceive. Just go out and play.

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