Everyone is complaining. Everyone has a point to prove. Everyone wants to feel important. Everyone feels the rush of emotions running in the veins. In the voyage of self-realisation, the society turns people to a prima donna singing an unpalatable tale. We’re losing our track in a ride of mumbo jumbo wrapped up in contempt and dishonour. The society is divided in utter haphazardness altering dignity and self-esteem. The rich are plated and braided in a class of uncommon distinction cutting edges and exquisite pedestals. The rich, educated rich, can decipher the tune of mediocrity. They’re glamorous and exude classified elegance. They’ve uncanny lift to create a difference. The poor in the society are living at the mercy of daily struggles that becloud their perception. They’re limited in resources and lack garlands of landmark. The poor live and face the other side of life in hardship and harshness. What marks the absolute social distinction? Truly yours, it’s the poverty of the mind not money!

A young Nigerian student got admitted into a city university in Nigeria. He’d inadequate knowledge of his new environment and lacked city accent. He was treated with scorn and disdain for his ‘verbal factors’. Without a fleeting thought, he began to speak in English which was quite excellent. This was met with acceptance, but not without flakes of discordance. One may wonder, if speaking impeccable English is the trademark of the rich! Without mincing words, most households in Africa trade excellence for pottage of ignorance. ‘Ajebota’ and ‘ajepako’ (rich-kid and poor-kid) syndrome is making us lose true ingredients of kindness and friendship. A little child doesn’t need to be a rich kid before he can be socially appreciated and embraced. We all see movies, bad and good movies, which feed our notions about the Western society which is perceived as supreme.

An average young Nigerian student grapples with poor communication skills which are vital to dissemination of information. Though, English or French is not indigenous, the revelation and inability to manifest an academic trait that is taught in schools is out of place. Nonetheless, on the practical side of the sphere, perfect communication doesn’t alone transform into knowledge and skills which can be imparted or applied to solve problems that are intrinsic to us. Everyone needs to build a remarkable balance – speech and knowledge. Speech defect can be a limitation, but excellent speech needs knowledge and skills to create impact.

Why’re we deceiving ourselves? Our kids are learning foreign languages alien to our culture. We’re gradually losing our identity and values. Children are becoming victims of social complex that dampens their self-esteem. We need to keep our languages but also feed our children with a value of meritocracy that is lacking in our society. Learning it right, saying it right and doing it right is the spirit that promotes development and growth. The Western societies have evolved over years. They didn’t get to where they’re in a day. Self-improvement is a key that can take us out of mediocrity. We can only get better, though comfortably!.

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