Most people are fast-losing out. Self-pride has always been the clog of hindrance in learning and acquisition of pertinent skills that are key to breakthroughs. The obstacle to knowledge for most students is arrogance. It’s has always been a feeling of self-superiority to everyone. It takes courage to nip the bud of self-deceit. Most people rarely bother to take cognisance of the little drops of opinion that can make a huge difference in the process of reaching and harnessing information to provide solutions. Honestly, anyone can make far-reaching contribution that can drive unimaginable progress. Developing a teachable mind that is ever-willing to receive new things and stay correctable is a hard nut to crunch. Nobody wants to eat the humble but productive pie.

As a student in the university, learning was a little difficult and tough. Ours were the days of cybercafés and ‘overnight browsing’. Access to the Internet was not preeminent. We spent sleepless nights searching and flipping through bunch of books that formed the bases of the courses to be offered. Our pile of assignments constantly took us to the library, I mean, a library filled with handheld books arranged on the shelves. In this age of information, knowledge is derived through multiple platforms. Internet access has become cheap and avoidable to nearly everyone in the society. Navigating through the pages of the Internet can yield remarkable results. Knowledge is everywhere, glints of knowledge that can make a whole lot of difference. No one can tell where the keys to discoveries for bounds-breaking success lie. We only need to keep gleaning.

If a student doesn’t have an open mind to learning, it becomes practically problematic for him to maximize his full potential. Developing a willing and receptive mind for learning is one of the drivers of excellence. Most students usually fail to seize the bridge that can lead them to great achievements. Every student needs to build a ligament of humility in order to gain tremendous and all revealing knowledge.

Learning can be much easier when people are ready to collaborate with those that teach and impart knowledge. There is absolutely nothing to lose in stooping to don the glowing caps. Learning can make a lot of impact when people at the receiving end cooperate with their instructors. Everyone learning needs a sense of support and diligence.

No one achieves greatness without crossing the hands of people who make substantial contributions in moulding and shaping lives. We once leaned on our own ignorance – this is sheer arrogance. We took pride in ourselves, chasing shadows. Everyone has a part to play. Everyone has something to offer. No one is an island of knowledge!

Ojo Oyeyemi J. (2017)
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