Personally, These Are 4 Things That Will Never Bother Me About Life

What the future holds, yes you should not even have headache on what will happen tomorrow. NO I’m not crazy and YES I’m serious. I am not saying don’t plan ahead, what will life be like without plans I’m just saying don’t let the worries of tomorrow take away today’s joy. One thing I’ve learnt from life is everything is unpredictable, things just change, plans fails and it isn’t the things or plans that fails that breaks us down but the expectations. Enjoy the moment, do your best, keep your plans in place but don’t expect too much.

Who doesn’t like you, like seriously this is something I personally don’t bother about but I needed to include it. Not everyone will like you, people don’t just like you for no reason like none at all “I just hate that girl” it is a normal thing-you should be less concerned about people who don’t like you and pay attention to those that does- cherish the ones that care.. You can’t force people, don’t be bothered.

What people think about you, just like not bothering about who doesn’t like you, what people think is the least of your worries, what they think about you is their problem not yours. Once you pay attention to what they think or say you’ll bring yourself down, you’ll bring down your spirit and you might go on all year long thinking about it-use the energy you have to remain positive-

Someone else’s success, So Miss A works with Chevron, has 20 plots of land and numerous cars-and now you start to bother yourself- why can’t I be like that- well looking at Miss A’s success won’t do anything for you. All fingers are not equal we can never be the same-focus on what you love, focus on being yourself, I’m sure with grace success will follow- Enjoy what you have now trust me you’ll forget about what someone else has.

Don’t worry be happy! Let me know what you think! Have a fabulous day and weekend ahead!!

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