Reasons For Nigerians Preference For Android Over IPhone

Different OS have been introduced to Nigeria since mobile phone has joined the essential commodity for her citizens. There was an era of java when Nokia was the king in the market. Several years later, smartphone with Symbian OS was introduced to Nigeria. It was accepted because of its advanced functions. Smartphones with Android OS and iOS later surfaced in the market. They became the two most preferred OS for Nigerians because of their high-tech ability.

However, many Nigerians have preference for Android phones over iPhones. Although both Android phones and iPhones are the most preferred OS in the country, Android phones have the largest share of the market. Android phones which have Google android OS have more buyers than iPhones with Apple iOS because of some reasons. Some of the reasons are discussed in this piece.

Below are some reasons for Nigerians preference for Android over iPhone:

1. Price
It’s a known fact that many Nigerian always want cheap things. One of the advantages of android phones is its price as you can get an android phone from N15,000 compared to iPhone that may cost you N150,000+, yet you will get fewer features compared to android phone. Forget about the brand people wants more features in less cost.

2. External Storage
Although android phones have enough internal memory as much as 16 GB, there is card slot to use SD cards if you need additional space. In case of iPhone, you will get only an inbuilt memory approximately 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB you cannot increase the memory due to the fact that there is no external memory card slot readily available in Apple gadgets.
As lots of people want to watch movies, videos on their smartphone they need enough space, for such people iPhone is not for them. Clearly, this made android phones the best alternative for Nigerians to meet the requirement.

3. Data Transferring
Data transfer from one phone to another became easier by Bluetooth technology. In the past, some Nigerians used to buy phones on the basis of accessibility of Bluetooth functionality. Android phones can send data to any phone via bluetooth but iPhones can only send data via bluetooth to other iPhone.

4. Users friendly interface, weight, screen size
The interface of Android is clearer that anybody can understand it with lesser stress. Its simplicity is another advantage over iPhones with complex features like Apple ID, app store, Siri, and so on. which ordinary people do not know about. The other factor is weight.
The Android mobile weight is less than iPhone. Some people do not like more weight to carry in their pocket.
The iPhone screen size is fixed and I would state that it is extremely small as compared with android mobile.People will like to watch movies on big screen devices which iPhone will not offer.Maybe we need to give iPhone 6+ thumbs up for 5.5 inches.

5. Market Availability
Many phone dealers in Nigeria are authorized sellers of android phones. This is why there are thousands of android phones readily available in the market with different screen size, different brand names, replaceable battery etc. However, there are few iPhones available in the market with the expensive price compared to Android. If you want to buy an iPhone, then you have just a few choices.

6. Application’s Store
In Google store, there are countless apps that you can download for free but you will need to pay for some apps in iPhone app store. Also, you can take a backup of that application on android and you can move it to another gadget all such features means a lot to people.
Apple is a good brand, and it constantly produces good quality product. The style of iPhone has no competition as they are on the top of all smartphones. However, many Nigerians preferred Android phones because of its price and users friendly interface. Though battery is a problem for some Android phones.

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