The world is like a maze that everyone walks through leading a life that demands directions. The better we know the directions, the easier and smoother the journey. We live leaning on a blurry road that may bring us luck and open our destiny. Life is not always a plain journey with a clear and definite thrust. It oftentimes appears a riddle.
The more we know more of the journey, the brighter our ways may seem. You may be stunned when you pace and find the keys to your success at the peak of a regular entrance that takes a little twist. The maze of life tends to be easy for some people with their paths decked with gaiety and glamour and little dots of darkness. The race in others maze may seem dark, but clad with rays of hope.
We spend our days living at the expense of choices available to us. We make our ways swaying through the time that etches our steps and efforts. A stunted seedling at birth may grow up to become the tallest oak.
Most of us grew up in ignorance and arrogance, self-deceit and complacency. We failed to create a right path and took life headlong, learning the bitter and painful lessons along the way. Some of us were privileged to have good parents and peers who led us the right way and gave us a brighter hope.
We knew little or nothing in our jaunty thoughts. We played like there was no tomorrow. We walked, talked, jumped, sang, danced, and frolicked in soothing excitements. We whined and grumbled without blinking at their consequences. We grew obstinate and wallowed in our open and secret vices. That is how it all feels to be young. We were oblivious of the days that were quietly passing by in the joy of being young. The days silently passed, while we wandered in ignorance of its measure on us.
At that period, some of us were quite aware of the essence and eventualities of our actions. They took palpable steps that could lead them to a future where there would be no regrets and hurt. They chose to be different. They stood out of the crowd. They refused to be cooed into self-deception and the haze that vanishes when a day breaks. They lived with hope and embraced the privilege they were given.
Some of us lived in the illusion of our parents’ successes and achievements leaving the choice of making our lives astonishing and enviable legacies. Some of us hid in our failing circumstances and tamed our desire to excel and overcome our challenges. Some of us were obviously restrained by our situations. Some of us were tossed around by the mirage of vogue and social fads that took the better parts of our lives.
Some of us loafed around when it was vital for us to study and gain the knowledge that could break our barriers and limitations. Some of us ran after luscious desires that drove our emotions and pleasures. Most of us were evidently clueless living by dictate of events that overshadowed us. Some of us were willing to make a change to get back on track. Only few of us got it right and broke the trajectory of failure and self-illusion.
Students study in a pool of superfluous distractions that demand their attention. Everyone is becoming more media savvy – we spend a huge chunk of our time doing frivolous activities with various devices that could be helpful if we can avoid their negative effects on our study. Our thoughts are growing wings and our minds are grappling with the mesmeric taste of this social deception. Learning can be fun and elaborate with the use of technology if we can only manage its abuse. We should not allow technology to replace our consciousness; it should rather make us productive and better students.
We visit, listen and see scenes of elegant environments, buoyant economies and sophisticated technologies in foreign places, but we are faced with the horror of a harsh and hostile society that undermines our pursuits and endeavours. We earn our bread in thickness and frailty of our nerves.
The future is not usually an adventure that lasts into a distant and endless time. The future is the daily decisions, choices and activities that add up which are revealed through time. Your efforts tell much of who you can become and what you can achieve. It takes a decision and action to obtain an entrance form into a school. It takes your decision to learn and study valuable skills that can give you a sense of pride and purpose. You are only young once.

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