The University Of Life

The word “school” was derived from Greek “skholē”, originally means ” leisure spent in the pursuit of knowledge”. A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students or pupils under the direction of teachers. It’s a place where students are taught a particular group of subjects in order to prepare them for the profession of their choice. Students are majorly taught theories that are relevant to their professions. The highest educational institution is the university where students are always awarded a degree at the end of their course.

However, most people always meet some things that are beyond what they’re taught in school in their fields and this is why educational institution is not the only place to learn. Philosophically, School is a body of people adhering to a certain set of principles, doctrines, or methods. Some people don’t grow spiritually, academically, intellectually and skilfully because they see only educational institution as their school. They forget that there is a university that everybody will attend without sitting for NECO, WAEC, NABTEB, UTME, DE or IJMB which is the University of Life (School of Life).

University of Life is where everyone will learn the principles, doctrines and methods of living a fruitful life. Experience is our lecturer in that university. Faculties in the University of Life include, your home (family), place of work, worship place, neighbourhood, group of friends and the internet. Some of its courses are: marriage, friendship, profession, leadership, partnership and so on. Experience teaches us theories of life while people teach us practical.

Moreover, anybody we meet in life will have something to teach us. Sometimes it may be an indirect teaching. That is, both good and bad people are existing in order to teach us the lessons of life so learn good things and discard bad lessons. Strive to learn beyond your building school (educational) theories because they’re not enough to make you a better person in life.

Whatever happens, don’t see anybody as your enemy but see the incident as a lesson. Always live in peace with people at your home, place of work, neighbourhood, among friends and the internet. Don’t underrate anybody because a learner today may become a leader tomorrow. This is one of the lessons of life. Thanks for reading.

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