“Time, they say is of essence, what if the clock is wrong?

Do you think I don’t know how to manage my time? Why come up with such article topic? Yes, you know how to manage your time but the question is how effective do you manage it? To many individual, Time is time. Time sounds time in every one’s ears, young or old, male or female but to Newton, Gottfried Leibniz and Immanuel Kent, time is different so they all come up with individual theories of time but these theories only explains time and not time management.

Time is not taught, nor learnt, time is natural. Time is innate. Time is time. Time is measured. Time is Caution. Time is Money (significant social importance). Time is the inevitable progression into the future with the passing of present events into the past. Time is what our clock of today reads. Time is a period of events.

Time is a subject of study in religion, philosophy and science. All branches of science talks about time especially physics which shed more light to time. Definition of time takes a manner applicable to all fields without circularity which has consistently eluded scholars like you and me. Time defines all creature existence and death. Time is Time. Time is just Time. Reading this article takes time. Distraction from it takes an extra time and prolongs the actual time to finish the reading.

Time is spent on events, tasks, activities. An achievement takes time and it is measured in time. Failure or Success happens with time. Time is Past, Present and Future. You will agree with me it takes time to write this piece but it is done within the scope of time management. Does it take me 24hours to write this article? Or does it take me months? Time management answers the question. Time is spent through thoughts, conversations, and actions. Clock does not determine time in the sense that the amount of time spent on a specific activities remains in seconds, minutes, or hours irrespective of where the duration falls on the clock.

Time management brings about Schedule and schedule works with clock. Time management is simply time predicted by any average individual to complete a task done or that is to be done. Managing time is not something that should be lectured or read but not all human being or let me say not all creatures knows how to manage time. Fast or Slow? Smart or Sluggish? Walk or Run? Fly or Crawl? All these actions take time but time taken to accomplish a particular task making use of these actions differs. Why does it differ? The answer is Time Management. So, how come we have Good or Bad Time management?

Clock reads 24hours in a day and it still seems like is never enough. Why is it that some people achieve so much in a day since we all get the same 24hours in a day? It is simply because they possess the habit of Good Time Management. Time could be tight, pressures can be high but you can still manage your time effectively by improving on your ability. You can be busy and at the same, not effective because Good Time management demands an important shift in focus from a specific activity to results.

Good Time Management helps you get more tasks done in less time. Every task has its completion time but having them done on a frenzy of activity divides your attention between them and this makes you achieve less. It may seem counter-intuitive to dedicate time you should spend on your work to read this article but I will tell you the benefits in Good Time Management are enormous:

  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency,
  • Better professional reputation
  • More opportunities for advancement
  • Higher chances to achieve career grades
  • Better Recognition etc

Bad Time Management makes 24hours feels like 2hours because you have only spent 2hours in 24hours to achieve results on particular task out of many activities you engaged in 24hours and that are why I said Good Time Management is an important shift in focus from a specific activity to results. So, you only feel that way because you only have results on a particular activity out of many you engaged in.
Bad Time Management can have some very undesirable consequences on you:

  • Low work quality
  • Inefficient work flow
  • Poor professional reputation
  • High stress level
  • Stalled career etc

“Time, they say is of essence, what if the clock is wrong?” Time your Schedule using the clock daily but make sure your watch is set. Time Management is LIFE.

About the AuthorTemitayo Sokeye is an affable being and always receptive to learning. He is a young talented writer of articles who continues to have an augmentative knowledge in writing articles. He believes knowing is in reading and whatever is written can only be read. Pen is mightier but he will say “Pen gives Knowledge” and “Ink paints hint”. An ardent writer who believes Pen is LIGHT. 
He hopes his prudent career moves will reliably take him to the top and this can only be achieved by you.


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