The True Meaning Of Friendship

Friendship is a friendly relationship between two individuals (friends). A friend is known to be someone, (other than) a family member, spouse or lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection. Though, it can also be used to refer to lovers as; girlfriend or boyfriend. A friend is meant to be an associate who provides assistance when needed if he/she is opportune.

Friends are meant to have issues/quarrels that turns them separating but later come back together to strengthen their friendship. The amount of love we share for our friends determines how true we cherish our relationship with them. If we can’t stand for each other in our various times of need, how then can people see us as friends in public? The little support we show as friends is what matters most!

However, misunderstanding has been a major problem between friends that sometimes causes their separation. From normal joke to little disagreement, some friends find it hard to understand themselves and it’s a problem.Friends’ main responsibility in ones life is to impart something meaningful to them and not to hurt them. No friend is perfect but I believe there are friends that wants the best for you, their friend!

Any friend who loves keeping malice, bearing grudges and always keeping rights is not a true friend. A friend who values his/her friendship with you can’t even live a day without keeping in touch with you unless the situation is out of hands. We live to know who and who is part of our journey and if there’s anyone who’s not acting in line with us, we should know.

In life, there are core things that shouldn’t be taken for granted. As we are looking for means to make sure we get the best out of what life offers, you should understand that mingling with friends who don’t think forward will always bring you back on thoughts in one way or the other.Friendship is just like partnership where the both partners help each other to make sure they come out successful in their different tasks.


It’s time people stop saying they have fake friendsand start thinking of making ‘meaningful’ friends. Think! If a friend is not adding anything to your life, you should check on people who can help you achieve your dreams but don’t be selfish also. Place yourself in such a way that you’ll attract true friends – people with good thoughts and understanding. Check yourself! There’s something you’re not doing right that’s why you keep meeting those so called ‘fake friends’. Be guided! Try to understand your friend. Build that trust in you that would make you stand for him/her when something happens.

A true friend is one who shares his/her in and outs with you due to the trust he or she has for you, one who believes in you. If your friend can be this faithful and honest to you, then you should consider doing accordingly – that is what defines true friendship. Make good friends that you’ll give testimony of tomorrow!

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