What does it mean to be in poverty? Poverty, to me, is not having enough finances to be able to enjoy more than just the basics in life. Poverty is “just getting by” or not being able to get by without assistance from an outside source. Poverty is making just above the amount of money that is referred to, by the organisation’s, as being in poverty.


I believe that the reasons people are in poverty could be a number of reasons. The biggest reason, I believe, is the way that people were brought up and their cultural beliefs. Single mothers might have fallen into their fate because of the child’s father’s cultural upbringing. He might think that it is acceptable to leave the mother to take care of the child by herself. Other reasons may be that these people in poverty may not be properly representing themselves in society and because of racial discrimination, have hard times getting jobs.


What we see as poverty nowadays is not having money at all to sponsor ourselves but according to Kurt Weber, poverty is not necessarily not having a lot of money. As he said, you can have a dollar but you are still not poor. That is, assuming you have one dollar and you wanted to purchase something with the dollar but the money is not enough to do so doesn’t mean you are poor. It’s just that you don’t have the exact amount it worth. Its value depends on where you live and what you can buy with that dollar.


The government often keeps people in poverty, according to Phillip Wong, by not allowing children to go to the schools they want to and not letting them get the education that they need to get higher-paying jobs which will keep them out of poverty.


Regardless of what poverty means or how it’s come around, it is a real issue and we should make every effort to ratify it.


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Author: Doyinsola Oni

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