Why Are Women So Emotional?

Run your fingers through my soul. For once, just once, feel exactly what I feel, believe what I believe, perceive as I perceive, look, experience, examine, and for once; just once, understand.” – Anonymous

Understand the above mentioned quote and that’s all you will need to understand why women are so emotional. Women are like that, not just one, but most of them. Don’t take it as a disorder, rather accept it as a fact. That’s how they are meant to be and like them for what they are and not for what you want them to be. Men express themselves in fewer words but  women need detailing. There are many such differences between us which we all should respect and not try to change. This article will help you in understanding why women are very emotional, expressive and garrulous.

A Scientific Explanation
The Left and the Right Brain
Men and women are structured differently, and so are the ways in which their brains function. Women tend to use the left and the right side of their brain, whereas men tend to use the left side more. The left side of their brain is responsible for logical reasoning and problem solving skills, and the right side is responsible for performing prosodic language functions, creativity, facial perception, and for generating emotions. So, the left side of their brain takes care of their IQ and the right side takes care of their EQ. Therefore, as men use the left side of their brain more, they are more efficient in dealing with situations by applying logical reasoning, and rationality. Whereas women use both sides of their brain and therefore deal with problems and issues with creativity and being aware about the feelings associated with it. Also the right side of their brain is responsible for their ability to express their feelings, thoughts, and language grasping. Therefore, women are also known for being better at picking up new languages and for being creative.

Women are Better at Expressing
Women have a more developed limbic system. The limbic system deals with such human aspects as behavior, emotions and memory. It allows them to feel and express their feelings in a better way and to bond with others easily. Though the problem with this is that, it opens the doors of depression, specifically when undergoing the phase of hormonal shifts during their menstrual cycle and pregnancy. So, during such stages, a woman can seem to be overly emotional and moody.

Dealing with Stress
Also, the way women handle stress is different from men. A hormone called Oxytocin is released when someone’s in stress. These hormones work in a different way in men and in women. When men are in stress, the testosterone in them reduces the effect of oxytocin, which ends up making men aggressive and angry. Women on the other hand have estrogen which enhances the oxytocin hormone, the effects of which result in feelings of calmness and nurturing. Men are not good at expressing their feelings and thoughts and instead react angrily or aggressively. More than sorting out things by talking they are always ready for a fight. Women on the other end, tend to deal with stress using the ‘Tend to befriend’ strategy. In this, women when in stress tend to talk it out or discuss it with others and feel better once they have expressed themselves.

Women Feel More Pain
Amygdala is an area in the brain which is activated when a person undergoes pain. Amygdala is also a part of the limbic system, but deals more with emotions related to pain. Amygdala is present in both men and women. However, men and women perceive pain differently. Women feel more pain than men. This can be explained by the fact that when in physical pain, men are given less morphine than women to achieve the same amount of pain reduction. As women feel pain more intensely than men, they are more vocal about their pain and seek treatment.

Men and Women are Different
So, the fact is that, women feel more and feel differently compared to men. They cry and grieve over flipping things especially when they are going through their PMS or when pregnant. There is so much change going on in a woman’s body every month that at times dealing with normal issues also seems like a task. That is why when they express themselves when in pain or stress, they appear to be more emotional. Men undergo changes with comparatively less intensity, and they don’t get emotionally moved easily. That’s the way they are made. So, if you look from a man’s perspective, women appear to be more emotional.

Women are emotional, agreed but they are ‘so emotional’ only when you compare them with men. Not just that, a lot of women are also overly emotional, and the reasons for that could be either the hormonal changes going on inside them or because of a bad past. A few people, be it men or women find it difficult to get over a situation or forget what happened in the past and move on. Such people tend to hold on to their past and are very emotional about small things.

“Men are Supposed to be Tough”
Another factor is that men are supposed to be tough, and this perception has been drilled into their minds since they were kids. Now, even if a man feels like crying or expressing himself over a bad incident, he will be compelled to not do so. This is because of the society’s perception of how men should be and behave. Men are emotional too, but it’s just that they don’t express it that often.

Even after men and women are constantly compared and judged, the fact is that they are created differently and have different tendencies. Understanding the fact that we men and women are different from each other and yet inseparable, will help you understand that issues or differences between the two genders can only be resolved by mutual understanding. We need to respect each other for what we are.

There is great advantage in understanding why women are so emotional, for both genders. It will help women overcome depression and emotional turbulence easily out of self realization. And, it will help men in understating that it is very normal and natural for women to be as emotional as they are. Know what women really want and you will surely live a happy life.

Ann Kring a Psychologist from Vanderbilt University, has answered the question of why women are so emotional in the shortest and the simplest way possible. She said, “It is incorrect to make a blanket statement that women are more emotional than men, it is correct to say that women show their emotions more than men.

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