Why You Are Not A Millionaire Yet


Once read a joke, a little boy was asked what he wanted to become and he replied “I want to be rich.” Funny is it not, but truly that’s the goal of most adults. Go on the street, ask people what their plans are for the future, it won’t be surprising if “making lots of money” is everyone’s future plan.

The unfortunate thing about this is…not everyone gets to fulfill this dream. Ask those whom have failed why they failed, you are sure to get a published book of excuses. Going through some excuses might seem genuine for a reason to fail but the truth is…the excuses are the hindrances. Remove every bit of excuse and see how your goals and plans fall in line like well parked vehicles. There are nine (9) reasons most people don’t actually make the millions they wish of.

1. You are scared of failing
The fear of failing is often the reason why most people fail. People worry too much about what would happen when they fail. The truth is, failure is part of success. To be successful, one must know what failure is. It is not unusual to read success stories of individuals talking about how many times they failed. Yes, they failed but never stopped trying. Learning from your mistakes is one vital step towards that desired million.

2. You think you cannot be a success
The ‘I can’t make it’ thought is one that draws one away from that millionaire status. A little bit of ‘I CAN’ won’t hurt every day. The more you visualize yourself as a success, the closer you get to your goal. Surely mere saying of ‘I CAN’ does not guarantee success but it is a step. And if you lack motivation to dream, read books. You can start with “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

3. You associate with the wrong people
The popular saying, “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” holds very true here. How focused are the people around you? Are they also striving to achieve the kind of goals you want to achieve or are they drawing you back? If the answers to these questions are negative, then your millionaire dream might not become a reality. Associate with people on the same mission as you because they are your support system. The right people will help make your journey easier and faster.

4. You think you’re limited by your background
This thought only creates a limit to what you can achieve. Your background can never prevent you from being successful. Individuals from some of the poorest families have become multi-millionaires today. If you think this untrue, read Oprah Winfrey’s grass to grace story. That should inspire you.

5. You do not have clear goals
When your goals aren’t clear, you will be unable to take clear actions. And when your actions are fuzzy, being a millionaire becomes impossible. Find out what you want, plan how you will get there, and get to work.

6. You are not using the internet
In other words, you don’t take advantage of trends and so you don’t have current information. To be a millionaire in this fast-paced era, you need to be fast-paced too. The internet has come to stay. Thanks to the internet, a ton of millionaires have emerged. And all they did was take advantage of some of the tools available online. While some wrote and sold books on Amazon or ClickBank, others built their followings and fortunes on social media. Many others took advantage of online shopping, setting up ecommerce stores with Magento, BigCommerce, or utilizing a combination of platforms likeShopify’s Facebook store. You can do this too! Search out resources, find what suits you, and get started.

7. You prefer gambling to personal development
Gambling is a get rich quick scheme that doesn’t end well for most people. It has led many to bankruptcy and others to untimely death. Is that the path you want to follow? There’s nothing better than investing in your personal development. Do this by building your skills and increasing your knowledge in a field. I agree it’s not fast, and can be boring sometimes. But when you achieve success, your personal development is what would sustain it.

8. You have no mentor
True one has to be unique and different but having no one to guide you on your quest for success will make your journey long, tiring, and sometimes disappointing. Having a mentor who has achieved what you’re looking to achieve will shorten your journey and get you to that millionaire status faster. The need for a mentor removes guesswork and guides you in the right direction. So, if you are still walking that road all alone, find someone whom have walked that same road today.

9. You see money as a bad thing
It is true that money can’t buy happiness. But guess what? It can buy freedom. Having that mindset completely limits your motivation to earn more. As long as you keep seeing money as the enemy, all the points in this post will be of no use to you.

How badly do you really want to be a millionaire? As you strive toward your goal, have these reasons at the top of your mind. Stay focused with the right mindset and you’ll be shocked at the feats you’ll achieve and the success you’ll attain. Don’t stop wanting it and with time, you’ll get it!

Source: Lifehack


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